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The Directorate Development and Planning is responsible for the conceptual planning of the municipality as a whole, linking the needs and priorities of all communities by means of the Integrated Development Plan to the final budget document.

Town Planning and Building Control also forms an integral part of the development of the town and functions such as Local Economic Development, Tourism, provision of Low Cost Housing and the implementation of the Municipal Infrastructure Grant constitute building blocks of the overall development of the municipal area of Dawid Kruiper. Local Economic Development and tourism are linked, striving to achieve the same goal namely to promote business development, job creation and general income for all public sectors.

 Town Planning and Building Control Services

Development of the Integrated Development Plan


Comprehensive public participation processes.

Regular IDP Steering Committee meetings.

Gathering of inputs regarding proposed projects and needs, sector plans, etc.

Prioritization and reconciliation with available funding and 5-year time-frame.

Town Planning and Building Control

Master Planning, approval and controlling of overall Land Use in terms of Spatial Development Framework within the municipal jurisdiction.

Approval of building plans and building inspections for all buildings and structures in terms of national Building Regulations.

Law enforcement in terms of non-compliance in the case of both land use and building activities (Zoning Scheme and Building Control).

Local Development (LED) and Tourism

Local development and tourism are linked, both promoting economic development, job creation and prosperity to all.

Numerous projects is promoted and oversee such as Solar Park, Solar SEZ, High Speed Vehicle Track, SMME Village, etc.

Tourism pamphlets, different tourism initiatives as well as the Island Resort is also promoted and/or run by this section.


Serves as implementing agent for all Council’s needs related to low-income housing.

Acts as agent for grants received for the building of these houses, placement of beneficiaries and solving of needs and complaints.

Inspections in terms of illegal squatters and occupation of land.

Project Management Unit (PMU)

Compilation of business plans for Municipal Infrastructure Grants (MIG).

Put out tenders for appointment of consultants and contractors.

Responsible to oversee MIG projects and ascertain the spending of the yearly grant allocations in this regard.

IDP 2012/2017 Final Review & SDF



The Dawid Kruiper’s five year Integrated Development Plan (IDP) is a legislative compliant requirement in accordance with the Municipal Systems Act (32 of 2000), Sec 23, which is binding to the municipality.

The IDP intends to promote integration, cooperation, collaboration and co-ordination between the community and local, provincial and national government. The IDP is therefore a planning instrument that ensures that plans and delivery processes of other sectors complement those of the municipality, ensuring the effective use of scarce resources.

The purpose of the IDP section is to ensure developmentally-orientated planning though a single, inclusive and strategic integrated developmental plan, which meets all its legal requirements.

To realise the above purpose, the IDP section is responsible for:

  • Information management to inform IDP processes and plans.
  • Facilitating the development of annual Process Plan
  • Conducting public participation process
  • Participating in institutional development and transformation processes.
  • Participating and contributing in Intergovernmental alignment.
  • Facilitating the development and Annual review of Five Year Integrated Developmental Plan.


Current activities with respect to the Review of the 2012 – 2017 IDP:

  • The draft Review IDP document is schedule to be approved by Council by no later than 31 March 2014.
  • Public participation processes was held during October 2014 to consult the communities on their needs and priorities.
  • Ward Base Planning unfolded during September 2014 where all ward committees participated in the planning process. A gallery of pictures is available on the web site.
  • Council approves the 2014/ 2015 Process plan for the review of the Integrated Development Plan. The process Plan is on the web site.

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Reitzpark is open from 08:00 till 22:00 everyday during September and March. The public should bring their own braai facilities.

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